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The system known today as Kaze Arashi Ryu (Wind Storm Tradition) is a tradition based on oral and written techniques transmitted by the previous head instructors of Kazemura Yama Arashi Ryu, Takichi Ono Nishiyama and Leonard Samuel Marshall. Nishiyama trained in Kazemura Yama Arashi Ryu and it was this tradition that was passed on to Leonard Samuel Marshall and Rene Barjaval. Leonard Samuel Marshall learned the art from the Nishiyama family and instructed Henri-Robert Vilaire directly, along with Rene Barjaval. The tradition is organized into several arts as follows:

Atemi (striking techniques), boubisuru (parries), taisabaki (body movement and positioning), counters (sensen no sen, senzen no sen and gonosen), and Keiraku (use of meridians for 'neutralization of body strength')
Seigyo (controls) and Gaeshi (reversals)
Nage (throwing) and Otoshi (dropping)
Ken (sword), Jo (staff), Obi waza (tying methods) and Tessen (fan)
Ryuha (battle strategies) and Toate no jutsu ('striking from a distance')

In former times a practitioner was able to gain a teaching licence in each art separately and, indeed, several of the arts were passed down along separate lines.

In modern times, Takichi Ono Nishiyama and Leonard Samuel Marshall, mastered and continued to teach all five arts. It was Vilaire Sensei, based on recommendations from Leonard Samuel Marshall and Takichi Ono Nishiyama, who shortened the name of the tradition to Kaze (to represent Kazemura) Arashi (to represent Yama Arashi) Ryu.

It was mainly Leonard Samuel Marshall and Rene Barjaval who taught the knowledge of Kazemura Yama Arashi Ryu to Henri Robert Vilaire. Vilaire Sensei has in turn taught the current senior instructors of Kaze Arashi Ryu, namely Abel Castanos, Chris Sookchand, SrinivasanSastri, William Franklin, Mark Sprague, Dean Karras, Ralph Cruz, Jody Romans, Agustin Ramirez, Roland Montes, Shuman Lee, Kirby Watson, Paul O'Callaghan Freddy Llerrena, Michael Rashaad, James Bobko and Xavier Castillo.

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